Sit On & Wide Kayak  & Canoe Folding Bars Maximize

Sit On & Wide Kayak & Canoe Folding Bars

Sit on Top Kayak & wide Kayak Canoe Bars.

Tall-66cm high folding to only 12cm high along the length of the vehicle.

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This is the tallest bar you will find on the market, we have been asked to make these folding bars with a height of 66cm (25"), specifically for the SIT ON Top KAYAKS but they are also great for canadian open canoes or just wide kayaks like the Perception Kiwi 2!

It has our own design "folding" feature which means it will fold down to just 12cm high when not in use.

Black powder coated with tough foam rubber padding fitted to protect your kayak.

They now have a larger loop on the top for straps, making it easier to loop straps through when securing wide siton kayaks, canoes or stacking white water/play boats.

"I put my straps through the ring when in the folded possition so I don't have to climb on the car!"

 These bars have the unique kayakrack base plate for use on square/rectangular cross bars (52mm widex52mm deep max, they will fit 2" square bars) and aero bars (the cross bars with the slot along the top), they also have the rubber protection sleevs already fitted to protect your kayaks.

It is possible to carry 1-3 and possible 4 siton kayaks on a vehicle with these bars if your roof is wide enough. If you place the folding upright bars on your vehicle cross bars a third of the way in so you can get one kayak on the narrow side and two on the other side of the folding bars or in the middle of the roof if you are transporting 4 kayaks-you will need to tie each kayak in place with straps.

The folding bars fold along the length of the vehicle not across the vehicle so wind noise is reduced.

Always stop and check your straps on long journeys or in strong winds and remember the load will affect the handleing of your vehicle.

So, just bolt them on, tie the boats in place with straps and away you go!

Our folding bars are ideal for mounting next to a "Top Box" as they fold down so you can open your top box.

Designed and made in the UK by kayakers for kayakers!!